Rain Maker


Most firms under invest in their sales team, hiring mid level account representatives who focus on penetrating Enterprise clients at the mid level. It makes sense, since they are most comfortable with their peers. The problem is that Mid Level Buyers typically only have the authority to say NO, not YES. Higher level executives at your target accounts have the authority to say YES or NO. Humans enjoy exercising their authority. If you sell to mid level buyers, they will often exercise their authority in a manner which is detrimental to your mission! Supplementing your sales program with a Rain Maker (a difference maker) who can open doors to real decision makers and then work in concert with your sales reps to drive a YES decision can be economical and extremely effective.

Value Proposition:

For less than the cost of 1 mid level account rep you can overlay a Rain Maker who will penetrate at the Executive level, create CEO to CEO engagement and elevate your sales team performance through training and coaching. We are performance driven. Each engagement incorporates a reasonable retainer, a penetration fee and back end revenue compensation. No long term contracts or hidden fees.

Rain Maker Defined:

What’s a Rain Maker? A rainmaker is any person who brings clients, money, business or even intangible prestige to an organization based predominantly on his or her experience, associations and contacts. Traditionally, the term "rainmaker" applied to members of the legal profession, like attorneys-turned-politicians who retired from public life and went on to practice law at nationally recognized firms. Over time, the term gained usage in many other industries and activities, including investment banking, political campaigning and public speaking.

In everyday usage, the term "rainmaker" can apply to anyone – from the salesperson who always finishes first in billings to the marketing guru who consistently finds innovative ways to present a company's products. In the purest sense, a rainmaker is a difference-maker.

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