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Telecom Sourcing
Our professional services team of broadband and telecom management experts will assist you in creating your scope of work, quoting and procuring broadband, equipment, telecom services and cloud based solutions from over 130 vendors. Build and manage simple and complex RFPs with our professional sourcing team as either advisors or let us manage the whole process for you.

Rates are affordable and typically pay for themselves through optimized savings. Gain Share model available on individual case basis.

Telecom Management
Gain visibility into your telecom and IT investments while saving time and money. Our professional team of subject matter experts will design a Telecom Management suite of services guaranteed to improve profitability and optimize your current technology\network investments. Our team has validated savings life to date of almost $1 Billion. Choose and package Telecom Expense Management services such as:

- Invoice Management
- Bill Audit
- Ordering\Provisioning
- Sourcing
- Wireless Help Desk
- Rate Plan Optimization
- Voice Network Management
- Mobility
- Network Optimization

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