Our Approach
Acceleration Consulting services are provided directly by TelecomMarketplace seasoned executives. Former CEO’s who have started, financed, grown, positioned and exited businesses successfully. We design customized engagements based on your needs and goals. Each program consists of a retainer or hourly billing at discounted rates along with bonus compensation for specific achievements. In this manner we co-investment with our clients.

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CRM Optimization
Frustrated with your CRM platform? Is it under delivering? We help optimize CRM systems such as Through innovative plug ins, we can allow technology to auto populate the CRM and provide account executives with compelling tools which transform their perception of the CRM from “Time Waster” to “Commission Optimizer”. Enhancing your Close Ratio by 20-30% is quite feasible with a small investment in your CRM platform.

Big Data Analytics
Ready to enhance your visibility and decision making with Big Data insights? Our Consultants can help you develop your Big Data strategy and incorporate talent and tools which can help you capitalize on your data for improved financial performance.

Block Chain
Block Chain technologies are disrupting payment processes and creating opportunities for businesses to mitigate credit risk while improving working capital. Our Consultants can evaluate the impact of Block Chain on your business and develop a strategy for dealing with this new technology.

Business Plan Development
Assistance in preparing, editing and creating a professional plan, which will help you motivate investors, align management and solidify strategy. TM legacy business plans have helped raise over $1 Billion in private equity venture capital.

Financing preparation
We help you develop your Teaser Sheet, Investor Package and then use our Rain Maker services to introduce you to over 100 Private Equity and Venture Capital relationships which we have nurtured. We are not brokers or bankers, we work for Management because we’ve been in your shoes!

Sales Compensation Review
Are you frustrated because your sales compensation investment is not yielding the revenue results you want? TM identifies the misalignments in your plan and designs reward systems which quantifiably tie compensation to your key objectives. You'll sleep easier when you know that your sales team does well when the company does well.

Sales Performance System Chart

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