Our Approach
Acceleration services are provided directly by TelecomMarketplace seasoned executives. Our consultants have started, financed, grown and exited businesses successfully. We design customized engagements based on your needs and goals. Each program consists of retainer or hourly billing at discounted rates along with bonus compensation for specific achievements. In this manner we co-investment in our client.

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Key Account Penetration
Do you know which key accounts your business must penetrate in order to be successful? If so, how will you penetrate these accounts at the Executive Level and place your value proposition in front of them? TelecomMarketplace executives work with you to identify these accounts, develop a penetration strategy and ultimately position you in front of the decision makers at your most important Telecom, Cable and Technology firms. We bolster your executive resources and operate as a seamless overlay to your existing direct sales resources.

Sales Compensation Review
Are you frustrated because your sales compensation investment is not yielding the revenue results you want. TM identifies the problems in your plan and designs compensation systems which quantifiably tie compensation to your key objectives. You'll sleep easier when you know that your sales team does well when the company does well.

Sales Performance System Chart

Introduction to Carrier & Cable TV Executives
Cable TV companies are some of the largest players in telecom and IT these days. Is your telecom sales force failing to penetrate these giant accounts? We can help.

Business Plan Development
Assistance in preparing, editing and creating a professional plan, which will help you motivate investors, align management and solidify strategy. TM legacy business plans have helped raise over $2 Billion in venture capital.

Financing preparation
Are you prepared for investor or buyer due diligence? Don't waste effort on a great business plan and finding qualified investors just to lose the deal because you are not prepared and able to respond to extensive due diligence.

Legal & Regulatory Support
We've worked with many legal experts on many deals, over the years. Contact us for our recommendations for outsourced General Counsels, Contract Attorneys and Regulatory Expertise.

TelcoSource Partner Program
Our new TelcoSource Partner Program is insane! Now you can not only sell telecom services but you can be part of selling the most powerful and dynamic e-procurement solution ever designed for the Telecom, IT and Technology industries. It is time to stop selling services only and instead sell the procurement process. Our new program can allow you to earn over a million dollars in commissions over the first three years just by registering three new users per month to our new e-procurement everse auction platform.

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